Something for Everyone.



McGlincheys Field Studies Centre was busy all summer with a variety of visitors, from children’s summer camps to research projects. It is interesting for the public to realise all the different groups that can be catered for because there is a facility in situ and the property has an appeal on many levels. It is a vital that Sheskinmore is managed primarily for nature conservation but that it can also appeal and attract other visitors who appreciate other aspects, such as the historic background to the site. In fact it would be beneficial to have some interpretation on site about the local history.

During July and August the visitors using McGlincheys were;

The Dolmen Centre, Downstrands Family Summer Camps. Twenty five children were there each Tuesday during the month of July. That is 25 local children learning to enjoy and feel some ownership in a local precious resource.

The An Taisce field trip which was attended by a group of 60 who were guided by local expert Maurice Simms and Bob Aldwell looking for orchids and butterflies on a beautiful sunny Saturday in July.

The Saltmarsh monitoring project researchers, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency who have five grazing exclusions set up on the saltmarsh at Sandfield/ Murvaghveagh.

Saltmarsh mapping botanists, working for the NPWS, who are mapping the saltmarsh boundary at Beagh.Co-operation Across Borders for Biodiversity (CABB) staff who were there for a Marsh Fritillary web training day.

Ardara GAP Heritge & History Group who organised a re-enactment walk of the Spanish Armada sailors who survived the sinking of the Santa Ana  430 years ago and walked from Kiltooris to Killybegs.

There can only be limited use of McGlincheys because there isn’t staff to run the centre, but it is pleasing to see that the above can be achieved, with a bit of co-operation, goodwill and trust. No doubt the coming months will be just as interesting.



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