Trail Camera Videos 02: Raven, Fox and Red Deer

As described here, on 7th and 8th May 2018 I captured video footage of raven Corvus corax, fox Vulpes vulpes and deer at the low section of fore dunes about halfway along Ballinreavy Strand.

Consensus is that this was a red deer Cervus elaphus. Among other features the long face is quite diagnostic and separates the species from sika deer Cervus nippon. Evidence of red deer in the form of stripped bark on birch Betula sp. has previously been recorded in the woods at Mullyvea.

Please see the videos below. The dates on screen are incorrect as I forgot to fix the date before putting the camera out!

Raven 01

Raven 02

Raven 03

Raven 04

Red Deer 01

Red Deer 02



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