Dark Green Fritillary Day

It was that lovely early July day when the Sheskinmore dunes come alive with the flight of the Dark Green Fritillaries. The sun shone, the sky was blue and the DGFs were everywhere, their startling orange wings catching the eye and amazing the walker. Gushing vocabulary is the only way to go.


A DGF nectaring on wild thyme.


We found these wings on the path thru’ the machaire. What manner of predator ate the body and discarded the wings so precisely?


Under my new LED magnifier! I have yet to perfect the skill of holding the camera and the magifier steady, together.


The overwhelming scent of the day was Ladies Bedstraw.

It was one of those days when it was a privilege to walk the Sheskin.


2 thoughts on “Dark Green Fritillary Day

  1. Lady’s Bedstraw is great! No matter where I find it the smell always takes me back to summer in the dunes.

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