Heritage Week Walk 2015

On Friday 28th August 2015 there was a walk at Sheskinmore for Heritage Week. The walk was aimed at Nature Detectives and their parents. Ten adults and 15 kids took part. The education staff at Glenveagh had prepared a box of fun things for the kids to do. The children measured the wind speed and direction and took the temperature before we headed out on the walk. The children had a collection jar and ziploc bag each for collecting samples and it wasn’t long before the jars were full of spiders, catterpillars, bumblebees and beetles.

The children wanted to see rabbits and the adults were interested to hear about the damage too many rabbits can do. We went through the dunes and as far as Ballinreavy Strand and returned in a loop to McGlincheys. There were lots of wildflowers to look at, altogether the walk took about two hours and covered a good variety of dune habitat. It was quite breezy and there were a few showers so not too many flying insects about.

We stopped to admire a nice patch of Grass of Parnassus with Frog Orchids and Field Gentians on high ground near the bird hide. All ages enjoyed the day. The Downstrands Centre at Clooney used Sheskinmore and McGlincheys for summer camps during July. It is intended to work with more school groups and family groups at Sheskinmore in partnership with the Education Guides from Glenveagh. Mól an Oige agus tiocfaidh siad ! Praise the young and they will respond.


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