Trail Camera Videos

Further to my previous post here I again had the trail camera out in the woods between 24th January and 8th February, this time setting it to record thirty second videos. This was slightly further east than the previous location and I also put up a bird-proof squirrel feeder filled with peanuts.

The pine marten visited on two nights and can be seen eating in the footage below. It is interesting that it was foraging in what seems like quite heavy rain! It’s also interesting that so far all photographs and video footage have come at night time. It seems martens can be very nocturnal even at a relatively undisturbed site. The marten didn’t appear to inspect the feeder (although due to camera settings there is a slight gap in filming where it may have) and as I had placed more ‘bait’ out of shot at the base of the tree it may have visited on more occasions. Certainly all the bait was gone when I returned on 8th February with Jonathan Turkington.

The camera also captured a few videos of Jay Garrulus glandarius hibernicus¬†which is interesting as this species was not recorded as far west during the 2007-11 Bird Atlas. I have never seen or heard them in the woods here before so perhaps the population is still low. Like many corvids, Jays are meant to be quite intelligent but this one did not seem able to access the squirrel feeder, instead tapping twice on the glass cover. Perhaps if I had left the feeder out longer the bird would have worked it out…


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