Coming and Going

Whats happening around Sheskinmore in November

For September and most of October the weather was perfect for getting projects completed at Sheskinmore. The weather has to be dry and calm for at least two days to spray bracken and bracken ideally should be sprayed in August. The opportunity finally came in early September and some of the bracken at Kiltooris was sprayed with asulox. The photos show the reduction in bracken from 2004 to 2012 at Kiltooris. This large area above Tramore was bought in 2004 and we are trying to reduce, not eradicate, the amount of bracken that dominates there.

Another job that is usually carried out at this time of the year, is repairing, replacing or erecting fencing to keeps the plots stock proof before the winter livestock grazing begins. The cows are good at finding ways to explore and investigate their neighbours, so weak spots have to be stockproofed. Along the river leading…

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